3 places you must go when at Springbrook National Park, Australia

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3 places you must go when at Springbrook National Park, Australia

Springbrook National Park, located in South East Queensland, home to many natural wonders, wildlife and awesome walking tracks. Just a 1 hour drive from the Gold Coast. If your going to visit Australia put Springbrook on the list of places you must go to.

Springbrook National Park is huge so if you are going to go there on a day trip it will be impossible to see everything but there are 3 amazing places you can go when in Springbrook and luckily enough you will be able to see all of these places on a day trip.



So now let me tell you about the 3 places you must go to.



#1 – Perling Brook Falls

Perling Brook Falls is an amazing 109m high waterfall. When you arrive there you will be at the top and there is an amazing walking track all the way down to the bottom so you can check out the falls. Check out my photos below, but you must see this with your own eyes.

#2 – Best of all lookout

Just as it is called it is really the best of all look out, it is the highest point of Springbrook and gives you an amazing view of the scenery of the Gold Coast hinterlands all the way to the coast line.

Also on the walking track to the lookout there are some amazing ancient trees that you cannot miss.

Even if you go there when its cloudy it is still an unreal experience looking into a blank canvas of white mist.

#3 – Natural Bridge

WOW! WOW! WOW! What can I say imagine if you could put a cave+waterfall+rock bridge+glow worms together in one place?

That what Natural bridge is.

I would recommend that you go there during the late afternoon so you can see whats on the amazing track and when you have got to the cave as the sun is going down then you will see the cave illuminated with blue lights resembling stars, it’s really an amazing awe-inspiring experience.













⬆️Could you imagine that everywhere in a cave⬆️

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