7 Things you should never do when in Bali, Indonesia

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7 Things you should never do when in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia, “The island of the Gods” such an amazing little island with a diverse melting pot of culture, nature, animals and amazing places to visit. Although the people are amazingly friendly , the climate is perfect for the beach and it’s one of the most visited countries in South East Asia there are some things you should know before you go there.

If your South East Asian travel plans take you to the Indonesian Island of Bali (which they should), be sure to know what you shouldn’t do when there..


Once you are there… Here are 7 things you should NEVER do.

#1 – Never go to Bali with a locked phone

Ok so this apply’s when travelling anywhere around the world but I think its more needed in Bali than other places.

The Wi-Fi in many places in Bali is not the best and also when travelling around to certain places there wont be Wi-Fi at all, so for your safety and convenience have an unlocked phone buy a sim card when you arrive at the airport and get a plan with a lot of data.

Bali is super cheep so don’t worry about the price  ($1 AUD is about $10,000 IDR) in this instance having contact with your friends and family or whoever you may be travelling with is a must for safety and will benefit your experience while your there.


#2 – Never use taxis

Ok so this apply’s to when you are is populated area’s like for example “Nusa Dua”.


From my experience you can save so much money on transport by using UBER, and yes Uber is in Indonesia surprise, surprise.

If you don’t know what Uber is it is basically a taxi service using GPS which is cheaper and faster and drivers use their own cars instead of taxis.

This links back to #1 because in order to be able to use Uber from anywhere you need to use mobile data.
How much can you save ?? let me give you an idea …

I remember one time when me and my friends caught a taxi from our villa to a shopping mall it cost us around $200,000 IDR (about $20 AUD) for a 20 minute drive. On the way back to the villa we caught a Uber and it cost us around $70,000 IDR ($7 AUD).

BOOOOOOM!!! That’s less than half the price than the Taxi.

If you have never tried Uber before click here to get your first ride for free https://www.uber.com/invite/jasonv3082ue

#3 – Never use Uber in small towns/villages

Why???  Because it takes away business from the their small towns or villages the taxi drivers who live there that’s all they do and they depend on taxi driving to make an income and because of that they have become very aggressive against Uber drivers.

One of my Uber drivers told me that he was beaten and had his car stolen from him in a small village. 😰

So for the safety of Uber driver don’t request one in small towns and villages.

#4 – Never drink tap water

Plain and simple don’t drink tap water there it’s no good for you and make sure not to swallow and tap water when brushing your teeth.

Always buy and drink bottled water.

#5 – Never get money out of an ATM without checking it out first

Ok so I learnt this the hard way about a week after I returned from Bali I realised that there were 2 purchases on my card made in Shanghai, China that totalled about $80 AUD.

Now obviously I didn’t make these purchases so it made me think that i should have been more careful when getting money out of ATMs.

Go on youtube and type in ” How to spot a dodgy ATM” you should find a 2 minute video done by the telegraph on how to spot a dodgy ATM.


#6 – Never have big cash notes when visiting the Tegallalang rice terraces

If you are going to Bali, exploring the Tegallalang rice terraces is a must.

What you need to know is when you are exploring them locals will be waiting at certain points in the rice fields (eg to cross a bridge, to go to the top-level on the rice fields) and will ask you to pay in cash notes in order to pass.

Make sure you have smaller notes in order to save some money, because if you have bigger notes change will not be given.

check out my adventure at the rice terraces here:



#7 – Never wear hats, glasses or jewellery when visiting the Uluwatu Temple

Why? I will tell you why …. Because there are some “ruthless ninja monkeys” that will steal any hats, glasses, jewellery or anything that is dangling from you so be careful.

Ok you got me so there not “ninja monkeys” lol 😂  😂  😂  but they are “ruthless” they are straight up #thuglife 😂  😂  😂.

If you don’t believe me I got video of a monkey who just stole glasses from a tourist check it out below:





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