7 Unexpected things to expect when in Paris

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7 Unexpected things to expect when in Paris

Paris, France “The city of love”¬†an amazing concrete maze filled with amazing roman architecture, culture, ¬†and amazing culture & food. It’s also home to “Arc De Triumph”, “Love Lock Bridge” and of course the infamous ” Eiffel Tower”.¬†If you are planning to go to France you will need to go to Paris to get an authentic French Experience. It’s a must visit Destination.

From my Personal experience I thought it was an amazing city, there is no other city like it and this is not a negative post about Paris im just trying to mentally prepare you for the unexpected things in Paris I did not expect when traveling there.

So I have made a list of 7 unexpected things that you should now expect in when in Paris.



#1 – Paying to use the bathroom

When you are in many places in Paris for example shopping malls, train stations and even some public restrooms you have to pay to use the bathroom, and if you want to use the bathroom at pretty much every restaurant you have to buy something. WHAT! PAY TO USE THE BATHROOM! I know it was a big surprise for me, coming from  New Zealand I had never ever before had to pay to use a Toilet in my life.

Like if you don’t have a coins where do you go do your business?

So be prepared to pay 1 or 2 euros to use the Bathroom when in Paris.



#2 – It can be dirty

So it is expected that any big city won’t be completely clean, but when I got to Paris it was dirtier than I expected it.

Not exactly how I pictured it in my head.



#3 – Not many people speak English

The title explains it all not many people speak English that extends to France in general aswell only 30% of France can speak good English so your chances of having a good two-way conversation is 3/10.

But in saying that they probably speak more English then you speak French so my advice to you is go learn some French.



#4 – People are distant

What I was unprepared for was that Parisian’s (People of Paris) are quite distant, coming from New Zealand we are very chilled out and can have an awesome conversation with a complete stranger quite easily, in Paris in general they seem to be uncomfortable speaking with strangers.

So don’t be offended by this usually people who live in Paris are super busy, or are embarrassed of how bad there English is or they are just not used to talking to strangers.



#5 – Hustlers everywhere

So this kind of connects back to maybe why Parisians could be distant, because there are so many hustlers in Paris trying to sell you things, people asking for donations and heaps of pick pockets.

So if you see a magic show on the side of the street be wary of pick pockets and if people offer you something to hold don’t touch it unless you want to buy it because as soon as you hold it they will ask you for the money.




#6 – Buskers in the train

This was super unexpected for me because in New Zealand the train is a quite place. But in Paris you could get a busker in your train singing a song or playing an instrument.

This can be a good or a bad thing depending if the singer/musician is good or not but it can be a pleasant surprise…. and sometimes not .




#7 – A large homeless population

There are a lot of homeless people in Paris it is very sad to see and was something I was not expecting. According to the INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) there were 141,500 homeless people in France in 2012.

Paris being the largest city in France you could imagine how many homeless people there are in Paris. Seriously its normal to see a homeless person on every corner of every street.


My overall Experience

Overall Paris is amazing I would definitely recommend you go check it out , I hope you feel more prepared now about what to expect when you are there, stay tuned in to my blog, I will also be making a post about what to do when in Paris.




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