Best Ice Cream In New Zealand

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Best Ice Cream In New Zealand

Do you like ice cream? Are you planning to go in to Auckland city anytime soon? Are you Vegan? Are you open to trying something new? Well you are reading the right post at the right time. In the CBD of Auckland is the best Ice cream shop you will ever visit no joke this place is legit.

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and I tasted a lot of Ice Cream all over the North Island this place I will recommend to you is by far the best ice cream place I have ever been to. Check out the amazing Ice Cream below.



That Ice cream right there is from an amazing ice cream shop in Auckland city named Giapo and the flavour was Vegan coconut, cookies and cream Ice Cream coated in chocolate and covered with crunchy rice bubbles, with a cookie to top it off. All Vegan all good!

Most of their Options are Dairy based but they Usually have 3-5 Vegan options also just like the one above so even if you’re not vegan you can still enjoy yourself there but in all honesty you wouldn’t know the difference.

Seriously this is my favourite ice cream place not just in New Zealand but also in the world and I have tasted Ice cream in Belgium, Holland, France and Spain and this tops my list, the textures, flavours, creativity and style of the Ice creams are second to none.

When ever I go back home to New Zealand I always make a special trip to the city just for my Favourite ice cream🍦

Be sure to check out there website here: https://www.giapo.com/

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