Best Vegan Burger in Spain

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Best Vegan Burger in Spain

Do you like to eat burgers? was that a stupid question? doesn’t everyone love to eat burgers? Are you planning to go to Spain anytime soon? Are you Vegan? Well if you are make sure you eat the best Vegan burger in Spain! where is it? keep reading to find out.

If you are going to Spain you must go check out a Vegan Deli shop in Barcelona it’s a must eat, I have been Vegan for 2 years now and this was the first Vegan burger I ate that actually satisfied me.

If you are Vegan and get excited about places with Vegan places to eat you are going to absolutely love Barcelona when I was there about 1 year and a half ago every second street literally has a Vegan or Vegetarian restaurant on it no joke its amazing.

But there was one place called Gopal that stood out to me particularly because of one thing BURGERS! Yup we all love burgers and this was the first time as a Vegan I was satisfied with a Vegan Burger and I wont forget it .

There are so many different Burger flavours on offer with not only burgers but also doughnuts cakes, cheese and much more you have to go check it out.

The burger i tried was spicy chicken, the texture was good the mayo was thick and creamy and it was a big burger and was a decent sized serving and it left me satiated and pleased.

If you plan to go to Spain do yourself a flavour and eat a burger at Gopal!

Be sure to check out there Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Gopal-Barcelona-143601932463099/

Check out my photos of Gopal below ( Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any photos of my burger I ate there 😕 )

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