Book of the week: Rich dad poor dad

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Book of the week: Rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad, BEST SELLING#1 personal finance book of “ALL TIME” By Robert Kiyosaki, A book about changing your mindset for the better!


So I know we all grew up with the idea that to be rich is bad and rich people are mean. We see it all the time in movies that the rich guy is always the bad guy….. well except for Batman.

But realistically there are a lot of rich people who do a lot of good things around the world lets take Akon for example helping millions of people in Africa to have electricity.

The point is more having more money doesn’t make you a bad person it just gives you the opportunity to change your life and do more good in the world.

If you were rich would you help out the less fortunate?

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad gives you the the tools to change your perception and mindset on how to make your money work for you instead of you working for money.

I know that sounds strange right have your money work for you! That means your money makes you money! sounds crazy I know but you should go read the book and let me know what you learn.

It definitely changed my mindset for the better and I have a better understanding of money and how to attain financial freedom.

If you have ever wanted to make a change for the better, gain the knowledge to change your life, and attain financial freedom I would highly recommend you to read this book Rich Dad Poor Dad.


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