Where to eat Vegan in the Gold Coast

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Where to eat Vegan in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast an amazing city located all along the coast line of South East Queensland in Australia, it’s a very vibrant city with a relaxing vibe, If you are Vegan and travelling here you have no need to worry, Veganism is booming in this city and there are so many Vegan restaurants to eat at.


Seriously there are so many Vegan Restaurants to go to, I live in the Gold Coast and I haven’t been to them all yet I could probably write a book about all the Vegan places here, but I just yet haha but what I will do is give you some recommendation’s of my favourite places to eat at in the beautiful Gold Coast.



Healthy Eats



#1 – Mandalas

Mandalas is an Organic Vegan Cafe/restaurant located in Mermaid Beach just around the corner from the biggest shopping mall in the Gold Coast (Pacific Fair). The Vibe here is amazing the staff are super friendly and they also host music nights during the week.

They offer a variety of different cuisines from around the world and they make awesome gourmet pizzas and burgers.

Since it’s organic you know you are getting good healthy food and some of the vegetables¬†are grown in their garden, amazing right?

PS- Go there on a Tuesday when it is “ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA NIGHT” $25 for all you can eat pizza why not?

Go check out their website here: http://www.mandalaorganicarts.com.au/

Check out what I ate there РOrganic Tofu burger and  Organic Waffles


#2 – Tian Ran

Tian Ran located in Mermaid Beach also actually just a 10-15 minute walk away from Mandalas it is an Asian restaurant that makes a huge variety of Asian foods.

All their food is¬†free from meat, dairy, alcohol, garlic, onions and MSG. All their vegetable “meats” are protein substitutes made from soy, wheat, yam, seaweed and mushroom.

The staff is really nice and the one of the owners (an older Asian gentleman) is super energetic and really makes you feel welcome. #nolie that guy makes my night whenever I go eat there his energy is off the chain.

I absolutely love this place I highly recommend it, and if you just went Vegan this is a great place to get rid of those meat cravings because their “vegetable meats” taste almost identical to real meat.

Go check out their website here: http://tianranvegetarian.com.au/

Check out what I ate there –¬†Beef Thai green curry and Chicken Peanut satay curry.




#3 – Cardamom Pod

Cardamom Pod¬†or as most people call it here in the Gold Coast “The Pod” have 2 locations one is ¬†located in Broadbeach close to the Oasis shopping center and the other is located in Brickworks Between Southport and Bundall.
(Just to let you know their restaurant in Broadbeach is buffet style and their restaurant in Brickworks is traditional Menu style so they serve different foods)
They make a large variety of healthy Salads, desserts, smoothies, juices,  Asian, European and indian cuisine.

They even make Vegan lasagna OMG I know lasagna who doesn’t love that! lasagna and they make OREO CAKE! What more do I have to say after lasagna and Oreo Cake?

This place has an awesome atmosphere its a really relaxing place to be and the staff are so helpful I definitely recommend you go stuff your face there.

Go check out their website here: http://www.cardamompod.com.au/

Check out what I ate there – Protein Pumpkin Pancakes and Raw Oreo Cups.

Treat yourself

I know there are some of you guys saying “what about the fast food,I want to treat myself” so here it is.



#1 – Feed the earthlings

Feed The Earthlings the classic takeaway joint, if you want the tasty burgers, nuggets, and in my opinion the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life #nolie this is the place. What else do I have to say just go there trust me you wont regret it.

It’s a small little take away shop located in Broadbeach close to Oasis if you love pizza like I do this is a must eat place

Go check out their website here: http://feedtheearthlings.com.au/

Check out what I ate there – New Orleans pizza and Cheese Burger Pizza.



#2 – Gelatissimo

Love Gelato and Ice cream?¬†Gelatissimo¬†is the place to go they are not completely Vegan though but they do have many Vegan Sorbet¬†and they also have my favourite Chocolate Sorbet! Located in the Heart of Surfers Paradise it’s very easy to find.

Seriously its the best and satisfies my chocolate cravings every time.

Go check out their website here: http://gelatissimo.com.au/

Check out what I ate there – Chocolate Sorbet.



#3 – Doughnut Time

Love Doughnuts? Then Doughnut Time is the place for you, also located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and in Mermaid beach they are easy to find.

They usually have 3 Vegan options whenever I have gone there. I think the chocolate one is the best yummy.

What more do i have to say than “Doughnut” ? Just go eat one and enjoy hahaha.

Go check out there website here: http://www.doughnuttime.com.au/

Check out what I ate there – Chocolate Vegan doughnut

If you are not Vegan but considering becoming one and would like to know what happens when you go Vegan go check out my blog post about that here: What happens when you go Vegan?

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