How to get more iron in your diet

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How to get more iron in your diet

Worried you don’t get enough iron in your diet? Wether you eat meat or don’t around 30% of the world have anaemia due to prolonged iron deficiency. It’s very common in the world. So now your thinking how do I get more iron in my diet without spending heaps of money on supplements?

From personal experience I have been on the low side of normal iron levels whilst being an omnivore and a vegan and I can tell you the best way to prevent it is by having a balanced diet and eating a lot of beans and legumes helps a lot and should be enough. but if you just want to make sure “The lucky iron fish” could be the answer for you!



What is the lucky iron fish?

The lucky iron fish is a cast iron fish that you cook with to give you extra iron in your diet.

⬇️It looks like this ⬇️



How to use it?

Simply boil the fish for 10 minutes in water with a squeeze of lemon juice (or anything acidic). The water can be stored for a couple of days before drinking it.
From my experience boiled water it does not taste that good so I prefer to cook with it in my curries and soups. Just make sure to add lemon or lime juice to maximise the release of iron.

⬇️Watch below how I use it when I cook⬇️



What are the signs on iron deficiency?

The common signs of iron deficiency include general fatigue, weakness, pale skin, shortness of breath and dizziness.



How do you know if your deficient?

Go to your doctor and get a blood test done. Simple as that. After you know your iron levels then you can see where you are at and make an informed decision about your health.



How much iron does it release?

It releases between 2-7mg or iron per use. The daily recommendation intake of iron varies a bit by age and gender but the daily average is about 14mg. So you could get up to 50% of you days worth of iron by using the lucky iron fish without the side effects of other iron supplements.



How did it help me?

Personally I have had blood tests before and after using the lucky iron fish and my iron levels have gone from low-normal before using the fish to normal and occasionally normal-high, I also feel less tired and have more energy.



How long will it last for?

It will last you 5 years if used ever day.
WOW! for its cheap price that amazing value! 😮



Want to know more about the fish in detail?

Go check out there facts page it should be able to answer all you’re in-depth questions.

Here it is: Lucky iron fish facts



How do you get a lucky iron fish?

To purchase “The lucky iron fish” go to this link here lucky iron fish shop



P.S. I do not get any money or incentives for recommending this product I am just recommending it because it genuinely helped me and I want to let you so you can also have the opportunity to improve your health.



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