What happens when you go Vegan

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What happens when you go Vegan

So your thinking about what happens when you become a Vegan. You don’t know what to expect, you think you will get sick, you will lose muscle, you think you will become a tree. So what actually happens to you when you decide to go Vegan?

From personal experience I can tell you it can be very daunting and somewhat scary knowing that some of the food you have been eating all your life will be off the menu.

It seems harder than it is because you don’t know what you don’t know. I know it can be a hard thing to do because I have done it myself so I have made a list of  7 things you can expect when you go Vegan so you will be more informed about the decision you have made



#1 – More Energy and Focus

From personal experience and from nearly all Vegans I have talked to increased energy levels is one of the things that always comes up.

Personally I remember it used to be a struggle to wake up when I was eating a lot of meat and dairy products, the first week I went Vegan wow! My energy level were through the roof I felt like bouncing off the walls and waking up was easy it wasn’t a mission any more to get out of bed and I loved it and I couldn’t believe how much of a change it made.

Not only do energy levels rise but just focus in general becomes better. From my personal experience I experienced better focus, better problem solving and less brain fog than what I used to get before becoming a Vegan.

What does that mean? No energy drinks needed just chug down a big smoothie every morning and your ready to go 🙂



#2 – No more joint aches and pains

This was a big one for me personally! I remember having joint aches and pains especially in my knees when going up and down stairs and sometimes out of the blue. It was horrible I had no idea what was the issue and I didn’t think my diet was contributing to this at all.

Within a week no joke my joint aches and pains went away just like that it was crazy how fast it happened and how much better I felt afterwards the relief was amazing and I thought why did I ever eat meat growing up, it makes no sense.

Now your probably wondering why does going Vegan stop joint aches and pains well I will let Dr Gregor a qualified physician, Medical Doctor, Author and creator of https://nutritionfacts.org/ explain to you here in his YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9XTjnvlIUI

⬇️Check out this testimonial from Vegan Susie on how she cured her Arthritis by going Vegan⬇️



#3 – You will lose fat

Yes you will lose fat amazing right everyone wants to lose fat! personally for me when I went Vegan I was in the worst shape of my life and thought id try being a Vegan for a month to see if I get in better shape and most importantly if I would feel better.

The funny thing was I was always active and always in good shape but as you know because I love to travel I ended up living in France for a year with my partner and we stayed with her parents close to Paris. The food there was amazing and the biggest change to my diet was I ate a lot more meat and a lot of cheese.

After 3 months of eating more meat and more cheese I lost my 6 pack, my joints ached, it was hard to wake up, I had less energy, my confidence plummeted and I felt real bad about myself and thought it’s time to make a change.

So I googled “healthiest way to eat” Veganism came up so I thought I would try it out for a month and I definitely lost fat. After about 3 months of exercising regularly and eating a whole foods plant-based Vegan diet this happened ⬇️

From my personal experience of intense exercise and training for 7 years and trying different diets I can say that it’s a lot easier to stay lean when eating a whole food plant-based Vegan diet than any other diet hands down no contest no other diet or lifestyle comes close.



#4 – Decreased risk of heart disease and Cancer

When you go Vegan your risk of heart disease plummets and your risk of cancer goes down by 800% . It’s crazy to think how much healthier going Vegan can make you!

If you don’t believe me check out this article where scientists prove that the immune system of people on a plant-based Vegan diet is 8 times stronger at fight cancer than people eating a standard American diet https://www.riseofthevegan.com/blog/scientists-find-blood-from-vegans-is-eight-times-more-protective-against-cancer

Make sure to check out Dr Gregor explaining how eating a whole foods plant-based Vegan diet can reverse heart disease, diabetes and hypertension – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR4XSfJ1vBs



#5 – Faster recovery time

You just recover faster from what ever it is for example injuries, gym workouts, cuts, bruises, etc.

Personally I found the biggest difference in my recovery time after my workouts at the gym.

Don’t just take my word for it check out NFL Wide receiver Griff Whalen talk about his experience from being Vegan and how it makes him feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF2MOQH3c-E



#6 – Improved digestion

When you go Vegan and you follow a whole foods pant based diet with lots of fruits and vegetables you will find that you digestion will be great, going to do a number 2 will be a quick and easy experience.

Seriously I remember times where I would have to strain to take a shit and in some cases it would hurt hahahaha so embarrassing to say but so true. Since I have been a plant-based Vegan its pain-free and easy no more straining hahaha.

If you really want a full on digestive cleanse I would recommend eating raw for both breakfast and dinner and just having a cooked meal for dinner (Try this out for 1 week and see how it works for you). This will cleanse you out like crazy I remember doing this myself for about a 1 month and the first 3 days eating like this I was taking a shit 3-5 times a day hahah no shit hahah. It was crazy but it was definitely a good cleanse most likely it was all the meat stuck in my bowels.

Improved digestion means your body can detox itself much easier and within the 1st week you may experience breakout like I did or you may not. Some people may not experience any breakouts on their skin but in my case I had a massive breakout of pimples on my forehead but after a week they went away and my skin was super clear after that.

Just to let you know though you may experience some bloating within the first 1-3 weeks of going Vegan its nothing to worry about its normal your body is just adjusting to the change of bacteria in your gut. Personally I got some bloating within the first 2 weeks nothing serious though it went away after my bowels were all cleansed out.



#7 – Cravings

If you are like me went cold turkey and ate a lot of meat before you went Vegan you are going to get some cravings its normal.

Personally from my experience my favourite meat before turning Vegan was chicken and that’s what I craved after about 3 weeks of becoming Vegan those cravings lasted about 2 weeks and after that I never got them again. After you get over that initial wave of cravings you will be fine you just have to be strong that’s all.

Also what can help you is to go to a restaurant that makes fake meats, that would definitely help you . Unfortunately I didn’t have that but if you do have that at your disposal I would go there and eat.

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# – How to go Vegan

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