How to go vegan

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How to go vegan

Vegansim, living a lifestyle where your diet is plant-based, you contribute to¬†improving the environment and you help to eradicate¬†animal cruelty and exploitation. Do you want¬†to improve your health? Help the environment? Help animals? Becoming a Vegan could be for you! ¬†Have you ever thought about going Vegan? But just didn’t know how?

Just a quick statement here: I just want to make it clear that this post is not force my dietary preferences, opinions or beliefs upon you if you have no interest in becoming Vegan that is all good you do what is best for you. I wrote this post for the people who have an interest in becoming Vegan or people who are currently Vegan and just need some guidance.

Well if you do want to go Vegan you are in the right place, personally I have been Vegan since May 2015 and health wise it’s been the best decision I have ever made. So down below I have made a list of 9 tips to guide you through your journey on becoming a Vegan.


#1 – Know why you are becoming Vegan

First of all you must have a reason to become Vegan, personally for me it was to improve my health, for you it could be for environmental reasons or it could be for the animals. Usually health, environment and animals are the main reasons why people go vegan.

You have to know your WHY.



#2 – Research

Once you know your why then you can research what it is you need to find out. For example lets say Bob went¬†Vegan for health reasons and John went Vegan for the animals, they will most likely eat differently. Bob will probably eat as healthy as possible and eat more fruits, vegetables and whole foods whereas John would not mind eating more processed Vegan foods and wouldn’t have a problem snacking on Oreos.

What is there to research?
– Recipes
– Support
– Other Vegans who live a similar lifestyle to you
– Documentaries
– Restaurants

There are a lot of things to research that will make the transition easier just google it or search it on YouTube, also if you have any questions you can leave a comment below.
I will also leave a whole bunch of awesome links to check out at the end of this post to help you get your research started.



#3 – Go at your own pace

You don’t have to go cold turkey you can start slow by cutting things out of your diet one by one and replacing them with substitutes for example replace cows milk with almond milk one week and next week substitute something¬†else.

Or if you have a do or die personality you can go Vegan over night it’s up to you as long as you reach the end goal of becoming a Vegan that’s all that matters.



#4 – Go Vegan with someone else

Go Vegan with a friend, Partner, Mum, Dad, your Dogūüź∂¬†hahahah ( FUN FACT Dogs can actually be Vegan ) But hey going Vegan with someone else is such a boost, you have someone else to keep you accountable and you can celebrate your milestones together, go to Vegan restaurants together and do all sorts of Vegan things together.

This just makes the process a lot more fun and makes your support network stronger from day 1.



#5 – Don’t worry about protein

So I can tell you now the number one question your going to get is where do you get your protein from?
(This question will get really annoyingūüėź lol trust me I’ve been asked this so many times)

I will let you know right now you are probably eating too much protein already! WHAT TO MUCH PROTEIN? Yes on average we eat 2 times the protein that we need ( In 1st world countries).

Everything you eat has protein in it and as long as you are eating enough calories you are more than likely to get the protein you need.

Now if you like protein powder for its taste or you exercise a lot like I do and you want a quick and convenient way to get in your protein I would recommend trying Sun Warrior RAW Plant Based Protein.

Personally I have been using it in my post workout smoothies or just whenever I feel like having a flavoured¬†shake. It tastes great, has a smooth texture, has a full amino acid profile and most important of all goes great in smoothies, cakes, milkshakes or what ever you want to add some flavour too. (PS chocolate is my favourite flavour¬†ūüėú )

To learn more about Sun Warrior Protein Powder click on the link here: Sun Warrior RAW Plant Based Protein

I have been Vegan since May 2015 so I know how to get my protein if you want some more information on how to get protein as a Vegan go check out my post here:How to get protein as a Vegan

And if you need some visual proof check out my fitness Instagram feed below and go check out my most recent photos. Does it look like I get enough protein ?¬†ūüí™ūüŹĹūüėú





#6 – Eat enough

When you go Vegan you can eat more food! Wooooooh! Yes more foods that’s right! Now what I mean by that is for example a small piece of steak has the same energy as a big bowl of cooked lentils but there is more protein, nutrients and fiber in the lentils so you can eat more Volume and get the same amount of energy meaning you will be fuller and satiated for longer.

So¬†in saying that don’t eat just salad for lunch and dinner because you wont get the required energy make your body function properly, you will need to eat more.



#7 – Stock up on the staples

Make sure to stock up on Vegan staple like

  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Oats
  • Vegetables
  • Frozen fruits




#8 – Treat yourself

Every now and then treat yourself eat some Oreo’s, or some vegan chocolate, Vegan ice cream or¬†go out to a nice Vegan restaurant do something that satisfies your craving’s to keep you happy and sane.

If you want to see some of the places I eat out at check out my post here Where to eat Vegan in the Gold Coast.




#9 – Don’t stress about mistakes

You will make mistakes I have made many myself.

You could accidentally eat something with milk or eat something at a restaurant that had animals products in it.

Do everything you can to prevent it read labels and ask the chefs and waiters at the restaurant for the ingredients of the meals but if you make mistakes don’t beat yourself up just move on and learn from them.



# – What happens to your body when you go Vegan?

Find out here: What happens when you go Vegan?






Vegan Youtube channels to follow

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