Where Have You Travelled To In The Globe?

Where do you want to travel?

A Vegan Travelling The Globe 🌏

Where Have You Travelled To In The Globe?

Where have you travelled to in the Globe? Good question right? I really love to Travel and I feel as if I have been to many places around the Globe. So I thought it would be fun to make a list of all the countries I’ve been to in the world, and also colour in the countries I have been to on a map.

I invite you to join me and also colour in a map of your own at amcharts.com and post it on my Facebook page Global Jay



How to make a map?

Go to this link here on amcharts and just click on the countries you have visited then save it as a file.

⬇️Check out my map below⬇️

Countries I have been to in chronological order –

1- New Zealand

2- Fiji

3- Australia

4- Singapore

5- Malaysia

6- Thailand

7- France

8- Belgium

9- Netherlands

10- England

11- Indonesia



⬇️Check out my destinations page on my blog⬇️

My “Destination” page on my blog is an amazing map with pins on it attached to the posts that I have written about in that part of that Globe. Make sure you go check it out here at: https://globaljay.com/map/


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