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Where do you want to travel?

A Vegan Travelling The Globe šŸŒ

What to do when your not travelling?

Travelling full-time! doesn’t it sound like the dream? Obviously I am sure this would be a dream from most of you guys reading this post. But what do you do when you’re not travelling? Most of us cannot afford to travel full-time. So I have compiled a list of things to do when you’re not […]

How to get more iron in your diet

Worried you don’t get enough iron in your diet? Wether you eat meat or don’t around 30% of the world have anaemia due to prolonged iron deficiency. It’s very common in the world. So now your thinking how do I get more iron in my diet without spending heaps of money on supplements? From personal […]

What happens when you go Vegan

So your thinking about what happens when you become a Vegan. You don’t know what to expect, you think you will get sick, you will lose muscle, you think you will become a tree. So what actually happens to you when you decide to go Vegan? From personal experience I can tell you it can […]

Best Vegan Burger in Spain

Do you like to eat burgers? was that a stupid question? doesn’t everyone love to eat burgers? Are you planning to go to Spain anytime soon? Are you Vegan? Well if you are make sure you eat the best Vegan burger in Spain! where is it? keep reading to find out. If you are going […]

How to go vegan

Vegansim, living a lifestyle where your diet is plant-based, you contribute toĀ improving the environment and you help to eradicateĀ animal cruelty and exploitation. Do you wantĀ to improve your health? Help the environment? Help animals? Becoming a Vegan could be for you! Ā Have you ever thought about going Vegan? But just didn’t know how? Just a quick […]

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