What to do in Surfers Paradise

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What to do in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise the heart of the Gold Coast, home to amazing white soft sand beaches, awesome waves and chilled out people. The weather is near perfect year round with a big mix of multi-cultural diversity with visitors from all over the world and an amazing vibrant ambience.

If your passing through Australia, Surfers paradise in the Gold Coast is a must visit destination. When you get to the there you need to know what to do right? So here are 7 ideas of what to do when you are there.

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#1 – Surf

If you Surf already and you love it go for a surf there is a reason it’s called “Surfers Paradise” and if your want to try surfing go check out¬†Get Wet Surf¬†they are a surf school not far away from Surfers Paradise where you can learn how to surf.

Go check out there website here: https://getwetsurf.com/





#2 – Relax on the beach

That’s what beaches are for to chill out, sun bath, read a book, get tanned, or burnt hahah, and just enjoy the warm soft sand by yourself in peace or with friends having a good time.

Check me out chilling below.



#3 – Swim

Why not go for a swim and get refreshed from the amazing warm Pacific Ocean. like what more do I have to say ? check me out below running into the water to swim.


#4 – Play Beach Volley Ball

Usually there are always people at Surfers Paradise Beach playing Volley ball go join in. If there isn’t the nets are usually set up anyways so just grab a ball invite some friends and start-up your own game.

Check out these People I spotted playing volley ball just the other day.


#5 – Eat Out

Because we all get hungry and there so many amazing places in Surfers Paradise to eat at have a walk around there and have a look or go check out my blog post Where to eat Vegan in the Gold Coast to check out some places that are in Surfers Paradise or close by in neighbouring Suburbs that I recommend to go stuff your face at.




#6 – Festivals

There is always something going on in Surfers Paradise and usually its always for free whether it be concerts, dance competitions magic shows there is something nearly all the time and the best stuff happens on the weekends. Go to Surfers Paradise and I’m sure you will find some awesome free entertainment.

I was there not long ago and there was a music festival where I got to see Amy Shark perform. She was awesome! check it out below.





#7 – Clubbing

If you love dancing and meeting new people why not go clubbing there is one whole entire street (Orchid Ave) filled with nightclubs go check it out if that’s what your into.

Be sure to go to shooters in my opinion the best and most popular club in the Gold Coast go check out their website here: http://www.shootersnc.com.au/

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